Grande Champagne Extra Old, beginning of 1900,

Grape variety:
100% Ugni blanc,

On fine lees,

Limousin oak casks,

Bottle size:
I liter original bottle 1915,

Alcohol by Volume:
40 %.



Amber, mahogany,

Dried fruits, figs with floral aromas (violet, lavender and rose) with a touch of vanilla and cinnamon.
Hint of honey and beeswax,

Full bodied and powerfull, yet, mellow with dried fruits, coffee, vanilla and a hint of orange,

Peppery, spiced and consistent, very long with notes of nuts and violet.
Very persistant,

Overall tasting:
Extremely full bodied with soft dried fruits and floral aromas. Great structure considering the age.


R e n a i s s a n c e o f D e H a a r t m a n C o g n a c

Old bottle + old cognac

Kim and Godfred Birkedal Hartmann, in order to refill the original bottles of De Haartman Cognac finally were able to find the exquisite fine cognac that will be as identic as the original noble drops from the beginning of the 1900.

As we all know, cognac does not age in glass. Therefore the original De Haartman Cognac after spending 102 years, 80 meters in the Baltic Sea would not have aged.

However, our cognac from 1900 have been aged in oak cask for many years until it was transfered into Dame Jeanne, 25 liters glass bottles.

Obviously, when reaching a alcohol degree of a bit above 40%Vol. the cognac needs to be isolated in glass.

The barel

Godfred and Kim Birkedal Hartmann

O r i g i n a l b o t t l e